Donna Murch Tells the Unknown Story of the Crack Epidemic’s Effect on Black and Brown People

Ever wonder how Black culture in South LA went from Black revolutionary in the 60s and 70s, to gangbanging in the 80s and 90s? Or how South LA, once the headquarters of the Black Panther Party in Los Angeles, evolved … read more


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Black Males in College Not Jail

Black Males in the education system have continually been a topic of interest and study. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, reports such as From Classrooms to Cell Blocks: A National Perspective by Tara-Jen Ambrosio and Vincent Schiraldi, show … read more

Real Talk

The Cheerios commercial was six-year-old Zoe's acting debut.

The Colbert Family Responds to the Interracial Cheerios Commercial

Hours before the Superbowl, I got the chance to sit down with the Colbert family and hear their thoughts concerning the racial controversy that surrounded, and perhaps even eclipsed, their six-year-old daughter’s first acting job in a Cheerios commercial as … read more

Youth Culture


UCLA WAC Students Redefine Black Womanhood Through Dance Film

Neima Patterson, third year World Arts and Cultures/Dance (WAC) major, teamed up with fellow UCLA Bruins (Anna Awolope, Kristin Baylis, Guya Frazier, Janae Osby, Natalee Palmer, Kenya Simms, Irmary Garcia, Anjali Vaswani, and Keenan Park) to produce the dance film … read more

Black Care

Black Men and Weaves

Following the publishing of my latest article, “Natural or Not: A Discussion on Natural Hair vs. Weaves,” many female students of color on campus approached me to further discuss this phenomenon among the Afrikan American community. In our talks, the … read more


Skip Johnson

Daniel Johnson, UCLA’s First BSU President

Prepared to flourish in a new setting, Daniel Johnson eagerly left his home state of Alabama to attend UCLA in the fall of 1964. Johnson entered the university wanting to demonstrate his intelligence, but was quickly taken aback after he … read more